Would it be possible to change the environment variables of an erlang fun without interfering with the code concerning the function definition and the lambda lifting?

Specifically I would like to explicitly change the pid(<12036.69.0>) on the env of a fun that has this info:


It does not matter what the fun does since I want this solution to be a general one that just changes all the pids on the env of the fun.

  • Based on our private discussion, I think what you need is merely a way to create a new fun with the environment changed. – aronisstav Jun 13 at 11:39
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No, that would break the referential transparency property of the fun as a constant value. It's no different from updating a field of a tuple, and such a destructive change could even make the garbage collector crash because it violates the internal assumptions about directions of pointers.

  • Do you know of an alternative way of getting the abstract code of the function since it does not appear as part of the environment in this occasion? – Panagiotis Fytas Jun 12 at 14:49
  • If the module is compiled with the debug_info flag, you can extract this info later from a chunk in the beam file. It contains the whole expanded syntax tree of the module. – RichardC Jun 12 at 17:50
  • I added a different dimension in the question: how could one create a new fun with an updated environment? – aronisstav Jun 13 at 11:57

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