I'm trying to do a project-wide find/replace in Spacemacs. I tried this:

  1. SPC s a p
  2. Type the text I want to replace.
  3. C-c C-e

At this point Spacemacs tells me text is read-only. What am I missing to be able to preform the edit operation?


Use SPC p R to use projectile-replace which runs interactive query-replace on all files in the project.

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    Thanks for this. It might be worth noting, that the interactive find/replace wont save the buffers. It looks like we can use SPC f S to use evil-write-all for saving all unsaved buffers. Jun 22 '18 at 17:51
  • This really helped me :D sed wasn't enough. Thanks! Nov 4 '18 at 15:00
  • This was a life saver as I went to fix several imports across 70+ files lol. Thanks! Jan 16 '20 at 1:15
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    SPC p % does the same thing but has regex functionality included Feb 6 '20 at 0:49

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