I'd like to use the krl stats_query function of the gem to get a table with multiple dimensions in it. At the moment, I can only figure out how to pass one dimension, one KPI, and one range:

krl stats_query -k rules_fired -d day_of_week -r last_three_months

If I wanted to have the report include rules_fired and brse, how would I do that? I've tried comma-separated lists (e.g., -k brse,rules_fired) and passing the -k option multiple times (e.g., -k brse -k rules_fired), and neither works.

If it's possible to do that with KPIs, can it also be done with dimensions? For example, I might want a report with the ddmonyyyy and the corresponding day_of_week.


Found the answer in the source code for the gem. See (at time of writing) line 209 of cli.rb. The solution is to space-separate the desired columns, like this:

krl stats_query -k brse rules_fired -d day_of_week -r last_three_months.

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