I have created installer shiny app through RInno library. Password authentication while installing is also implemented. I am able to install the shiny app in windows machine. Currently, I am looking for setting expiry date in an installed shiny app which should not allow an app to use after expiry. below is the code to create installer...

#Source: https://github.com/ficonsulting/RInno
# If you don't have development tools, install them

# Use install_github to get RInno
devtools::install_github("ficonsulting/RInno",  build_vignettes = TRUE)

# Require Package

# Build an installer
create_app(app_name = "app", 
       app_dir = "app",
       include_R = T,
       R_version = "3.4.1",  
       dir_out = "app_inst",
       inst_pw = "pass@123"
# compile the installer

please help me to implement the same.


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