How i can make 2 admins for one entity in Sonata Admin? For example - one admin shows a list with "status=1" condition, and other with "status=2".

it would be great if make a new record in first admin automatically sets the "status=1".


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1) create a one admin class in ADMIN Directory with Your condition status=1

2) create a second admin class in ADMIN Directory with Your condition status=2

3) config that class in sonata_admin.yaml with different name

4) change in second admin $baseRouteName and $baseRoutePattern to different

In which Entity name is same

  • It does't work. It takes the last admin with same entity. Both have one url. – fdor Jun 13 at 14:42
  • Second admin class in change route And also change route pattern – Ravi Damasiya Jun 13 at 14:43
  • Wow, thx its work! – fdor Jun 13 at 15:01

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