I working on laravel project and trying to update record using query builder but it not working , this is the function where I trying to edit the record in it

public function editchecksave(Request $request)
    $id = $request->id;
    $username = $request->username;
    $attribute = $request->attribute;
    $value = $request->value;
    $op = $request->op;

    $result = DB::update('update radcheck set username = "?" , 
        attribute="?",value="?" ,op="?" where id = ?', 

    if ($result)
        return response()->json([ 'msg' => 'Updated Successfully' . $username]);

    return response()->json([ 'msg' => 'Not Updated Successfully'. $value]);

this is the route

 Route::get( 'radcheckedit', 'radcheckController@editchecksave' );

when I do not change the first element in the update query it not updated but when I change the first element it updated successfully .in other words (when I change the value of username it updated successfully and when I do not change the username not updated , when I put the attribute first element in the query it must change the value of it to make update so user must change the first value of query and it not good because user may be doesn't want to edit this element)

it give me the Message Not updated successfully

  • DB::update isn't supposed to be used the way you're using it here, I'm not sure if it does accept a raw query, if it does you'd have to do something like DB::update(DB::raw('query here')); You should probably take a look at the documentation for the query builder based on updates. – Mike Rodham Jun 13 at 8:19
  • not worked thank you – Muh Jun 13 at 8:21
  • Consult with @Jerodev answer below, this your best explanation. – Mike Rodham Jun 13 at 8:23

You shouldn't put a raw query in the update function, it requires an array of to-update values. You can write your query using the build-in querybuilder:

$result = DB::table('radcheck')
    ->where('id', $id)
        'username' => $username,
        'attribute' => $attribute,
        'value' => $value,
        'op' => $op

Or even better without having to fetch the variables from the request manually:

$result = DB::table('radcheck')
    ->where('id', $id)
    ->update($request->only(['username', 'attribute', 'value', 'op']));

This will also make the code more readable.

  • thank you for reply but it returned {"msg":"Not Updated Successfully"} message I don't know where is the wrong – Muh Jun 13 at 8:26
  • Are you sure that that table has these columns and that there are no restrictions preventing you from updating this data? – Jerodev Jun 13 at 8:27
  • yes I found the error that when I not change the username it not updated and when I change the username it updated successfully so where is my wrong ? – Muh Jun 13 at 8:35

I believe you need to change your DB:Update implementation, please check out this answer: DB::update laravel 5 raw query

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