I am trying to add code in a Valgrind suppression file that removes errors and warnings that do not list the actual function calls or files causing the errors and warnings.

For instance:

 <b>IPW</b> ==55555== Invalid write of size X
 ==55556==      at  0xFFFFFFFF: ???
 ==55557==      by 0xFFFFEEEE: ???

Therefore I am trying to create a few lines of code in a Valgrind suppression file that will suppress all of these instances where the function call or file causing the error/warning is unknown. Unfortunately I cannot find anything in the Valgrind docs that explain how to do this. Does anyone know how to suppress errors or warnings coming from unknown function calls or file?

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First, verify that your changes aren't causing the issue and it's really an issue/false-positive within outside code.

If so, you can add the following line into your Valgrind suppression to get what you need:


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