On iOS Safari I cannot figure out what headers to use for a mp3 file to be sent as an http response in node js. I know that the code is not necessary because I can get it to say "Live Broadcast" and play a portion of it before it just randomly cuts back to the beginning. On other browsers, it works just fine, so I know it's something to do with iOS Safari. All I want is the seek bar and duration to appear.

I also can to copy the headers from where I am downloading the mp3, but for that I'd have to create another http request, just for the headers, that uses method: "HEAD", and I would like to avoid that, if possible.

Here's the portion of the node.js code, even if it isn't used:

res.writeHead(endres.statusCode,{"Content-Type":"audio/mpeg","Content-Transfer-Encoding":"binary","Content-Range":"bytes 0-"+Buffer.byteLength(data)+"/"+Buffer.byteLength(data),"Content-Length":Buffer.byteLength(data),"Accept-Ranges":"bytes"});

Here are the headers that are within the above code:

Content-Type: audio/mpeg
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary
Content-Range: bytes 0-[length of mp3 in bytes]/[length of mp3 in bytes]
Content-Length: [length of MP3 in bytes]
Accept-Ranges: bytes

I am using iOS 11.3 Any help is appreciated!

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