I have a large number of columns in a PySpark dataframe, say 200. I want to select all the columns except say 3-4 of the columns. How do I select this columns without having to manually type the names of all the columns I want to select?


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In the end, I settled for the following :

  • Drop:

    df.drop('column_1', 'column_2', 'column_3')

  • Select :

    df.select([c for c in df.columns if c not in {'column_1', 'column_2', 'column_3'}])

df.drop(*[cols for cols in [list of columns to drop]])

Useful if the list to drop columns is huge. or if the list can be derived programmatically.


this might be helpful

df_cols = list(set(df.columns) - {'<col1>','<col2>',....})


PySpark SQL: "SELECT * except(col6, col7, col8)"

  • Exactly what I'm looking for and works as expected. Looks like it's widely implemented as well. Can't believe I've never came across this.
    – anth0ny-x
    Jan 17 at 2:40

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