I am working on a replacement application to a legacy application. Due to certain design limitations of the legacy application, 'attachments' are stored as a String path in our database (generally files stored on a windows shared drive). The legacy application can then 'open' the attachments by opening a windows command shell and executing the given path.

The legacy (Oracle Forms) application is being phased out by a JSF based J2EE web application. The new application needs to be able to 'open' or link to these legacy attachments somehow. Is this even possible? I have attempted to use file:// URLs, but there are lot of caveats with using them. They only work on remote hosts in IE, firefox/chrome (and other modern browser I assume) prevent local file URLs.

Working only on IE is something that can be lived with for this particular feature. I further ran into an issue with file paths with spaces. For some reason if IE encounters a filepath with spaces in it, say

C:\Documents and Settings\user123\My Documents\testing\someFile.txt

it refuses to open that link. The browser automatically replaces the spaces (' ') with its URL Encoded '%20'.

The associated link I am attempting looks like:

<a href="file:///C:\Documents and Settings\user123\My Documents\testing\someFile.txt">link</a>

Is there something simple to this I am missing? Or is there any easier way of doing this?

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After some extensive testing I have reached the following conclusions:

  • Only IE will open file:// links that are on a page from a remote host, Other browsers will block them outright and nothing will happen when a user clicks on them.
  • IE will only open file:// URLs that point to a file that resides on a network drive
    • If a user clicks on a file:// link pointing to a file on the user's local drive, nothing will happen and they will get no error.
  • If a user clicks on a file:// link that points to a network file it will open in the browser, if possible.
  • If the file:// url points to an invalid location (unmapped network drive, file on a network drive that doesn't exist), Windows will show a popup error.
  • Spaces in the file path needs to be URL encoded with %20

Hopefully this helps someone else out who's looking for information on file urls.


If you use double quotes (") around the path to the file (you will probably need to URL encode these as %22), windows will be OK with the full path:

<a href="file:///%22C:\Documents and Settings\user123\My Documents\testing\someFile.txt%22">link</a>
  • I can't get that to work even in a simple local html file pointing to another local file. Maybe there is some special character escapes I'm missing? Commented Feb 22, 2011 at 22:44

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