I'm currently building up a little sample project with Spring state machine.

My configuration:

public class StateMachineConfiguration extends EnumStateMachineConfigurerAdapter<States, Events> {

    public void configure(StateMachineStateConfigurer<States, Events> states)
            throws Exception {

    public void configure(StateMachineTransitionConfigurer<States, Events> transitions)
            throws Exception {

    public StateMachineListener<States, Events> listener() {
        return new StateMachineListenerAdapter<States, Events>() {
            public void stateChanged(State<States, Events> from, State<States, Events> to) {
                System.out.println("State change to " + to.getId());

When I now try to inject the state machine with

StateMachine<States, Events> stateMachine;

IntelliJ gives me the hint, that this could not be autowired because no bean is there. I also get an exception if I run the Application.

The gradle dependency:

compile 'org.springframework.statemachine:spring-statemachine-core:2.0.1.
compile group: 'org.springframework.boot', name: 'spring-boot-starter', version: '2.0.1.RELEASE'
compile group: 'org.springframework.shell', name: 'spring-shell-starter', version: '2.0.1.RELEASE'
compile group: 'org.springframework.statemachine', name: 'spring-statemachine-boot', version: '1.2.11.RELEASE'
  • Did you solve the issue? – sean hawk Aug 24 at 22:10

You can try using

@EnableStateMachine(name = "myStateMachine")


StateMachine<States, Events> myStateMachine;

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