I'd like to ask for help on installing Intel OpenCL SDK as described here Linux with Intel® SDK for OpenCL

I have followed those steps but then I need to run SDK installer or use this archive to run installer from which I have downloaded from Intel® SDK for OpenCL


This file is not executable and I have mounted it as archive with "Archive Mounter" but executing the install I was quit.

ubuntu@ubuntu:/run/user/1000/gvfs/archive:host=file%253A%252F%252F%252Fhome%252Fubuntu%252FDownloads%252Fintel%252Fintel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2568_x64/intel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2568_x64$ ./install.sh 
Error: Incorrect path to setup script. Setup can not be started
if the path contains ':, ~, @, #, %, &, [, ], $, =, ), (, *' symbols.


Anyone has experience on how to install Intel OpenCL SDK under Linux (Ubuntu)?

As the error says, the script is unhappy about the symbols (like %) in the working directory. Just use a file manager to copy the contents from the mounted volume to your home folder. Then launch the install from there.

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