I am saving multiple photos to same pr_id into database. Each details are entering as different rows. So while retrieving I need the highest or last entered photo_id for each pr_id. How do I do that in C#?

My database table looks like this:

enter image description here

My view code :

    @if (Model.Photos.Count > 0)
            @foreach (var photo in Model.Photos)
             @{ var last = Model.Photos.Last(); }
                @Html.EditorFor(modelItem => last.photo_id)
  • Do you want the id returned when you INSERT? Is it an identity column/table? – maccettura Jun 13 at 18:44
  • Do you have Identity (auto generation of PK values) enabled in your table ? How are you inserting your record ? – Shyju Jun 13 at 18:45
  • Yes i need to return id – user9847039 Jun 13 at 18:46
  • photo_id is auto is auto generated value – user9847039 Jun 13 at 18:47
  • What have you tried so far? StackOverflow is not a code-generation service. Rather, we're here to point you in the right direction when you've made a concerted effort and you are stuck. – David L Jun 13 at 18:48
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If you are trying to show all the pr_ids and it's last photo, you should do a group by on your Model.Photos collection and then do an OrderBy on the grouped items and call the Last method.

    var grouped = Model.Photos.GroupBy(a => a.pr_id);
@foreach(var item in grouped)

Here we are simply printing the Key of the grouped item which is the pr_id. If you want more properties of the pr entity, create a class representing that data and use that in your LINQ group by statement.

Assuming Model.Photos is all the photo records for all the pr_ids

  • Your code worked. Thanks – user9847039 Jun 13 at 20:19

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