I'm converting a report that resides in a DLL to XE8 so that I can update our report control, which is problematic in Windows 10. In doing this, I've had to replace our ADO data access controls with the built-in ADO controls.

The issues is that our data uses binary keys, and I've run into an issue assigning values to query parameters. In our code, the keys are passed around as strings, and assigned to the parameters and converted by the control at runtime.

Previously, utilizing the old control, it utilized the Delphi DB unit which contains a method .AsBlob which was used in the assignment. See below...

Qry.ParamByName('@Id').AsBlob := IdStringValue;

In the control's implementation it handled setting the property, which called into SetAsBlob. See below...

Type TBlobData = string;


procedure TQryParameter.SetAsBlob(const Value: TBlobData);
  Self.DataType := ftVarBytes;
  Self.Value := StringToVarArray(Value);

Part of the issue is that Data.DB has changed TBlobData = string; to TBlobData = TArray<Byte>;.

I've tried assigning these values to the query parameters following the same method used in the previous implementation, but it doesn't work.

Qry.Parameters.ParamByName('@Id').DataType := ftVarBytes;
Qry.Parameters.ParamByName('@Id').Value := ADODB.StringToVarArray(IdStringValue);

I get a fairly generic MSSQL error due to the parameter mismatch, "Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation."

The ADO query parameter is defined as VarBytes and the stored procedure accepts BINARY(6) for its only parameter so everything appears to be correct.

I've tried casting IdStringValue from String to AnsiString prior to calling StringToVarArray but it makes no difference.

Anyone know of a way to deal with this? Thank you.

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    Since AsBlob wants an array of bytes now, that is what you should give it, eg: Qry.Parameters.ParamByName('@Id').AsBlob := TEncoding.Default.GetBytes(IdStringValue); Or whatever TEncoding you want to use – Remy Lebeau Jun 13 at 22:08
  • @RemyLebeau I don't seem to be able to call Qry.Parameters.ParamByName('@Id').AsBlob using the builtin ADO control... .AsBlob doesn't show up as a value method for TParameter but does for TParam. I tried setting the parameter directly, .DataType := ftVarBytes; and .Value := TEncoding.Default.GetBytes(IdStringValue); but get the same error about the parameter type mismatch. – fourwhey Jun 14 at 1:07
  • Use the .Value property instead of .AsBlob, and don't set the .DataType manually, let the param figure it out for itself. – Remy Lebeau Jun 14 at 2:12
  • @RemyLebeau I gave your suggestion a shot, with similar results. I also removed and readded the parameter from the design-time control to allow it determine and set the datatype. I put together a test project where I pull a value from another query and use that value to set the parameter of another and it didn't work either. – fourwhey Jun 14 at 2:40
  • @RemyLebeau I converted the string to hex and compared it to the field in the data. The values do match, but the parameter mismatch on the stored procedure is still a problem. Thanks for your help, still trying to figure out what's wrong. – fourwhey Jun 14 at 4:07
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Convert the string value to array of bytes when assigning the parameter.

Qry.Parameters.ParamByName('@Id').AsBlob := TEncoding.Default.GetBytes(StringValue);

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