How to change the color of placeholder of the Picker in XAMARIN for ANDROID and iOS both? PlaceholderColor = "white" doesn't work.

            <Picker Title="Search items"  TextColor="White"
            PlaceholderColor = "white"
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For xamarin 3.6 and above:

Use the property TitleColor.

For Xamarin 3.6 and below:

You need a custom renderer for that:

[assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(Picker), typeof(CustomPicker))]
namespace Droid
    public class CustomPicker : PickerRenderer

        protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<Picker> e)
            base.OnElementChanged (e);

            if (Control != null) 
                Control.SetHintTextColor (Android.Graphics.Color.Rgb(1,2,3));



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    Thanks hichame.yessou, Does anyone knows the solution of the same probem for iOS also. Jun 13, 2018 at 23:24

In iOS you would do something similar in your custom renderer.

Control.AttributedPlaceholder = 
    new NSAttributedString (Control.AttributedPlaceholder.Value, foregroundColor: UIColor.White);
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