I'm calling the shell script below inside my Gradle file to deploy code to AWS Elastic Beanstalk from command line.

aws configure set default.region $awsRegionName
aws s3 cp $buildDir/$jarLocal s3://$awsBucketName/$awsJar
aws elasticbeanstalk create-application-version --application-name=$awsAppName --version-label=$buildNumber --source-bundle S3Bucket=$awsBucketName,S3Key=$awsJar
aws elasticbeanstalk update-environment --environment-name=$awsEnvName --version-label=$buildNumber

The problem is that sometimes (let say in 70% of the time), I receive the following error from AWS:

Error response from daemon: You cannot remove a running container b82b662f449d0634d964ccd0a7e890732c3a6fb21b929c370810253734fd4c62. Stop the container before attempting removal or force remove (Executor::NonZeroExitStatus)

The question is: how can I stop my Docker container using AWS Elastic Beanstalk? Or, asking more genericly: can I undeploy a app from AWS Elastic Beanstalk?


  • I don't know how to stop but seems that the problem is that I'm deploying the same docker image twice. Maybe if I increase the version of the image I'll not have this problem. Another option is adding a simple container with only a "Under maintenance" page (lets call it "B" image). So I can deploy image A -> B -> A again – Topera Jun 24 '18 at 23:56

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