Is it possible to use Multi-Factor Authentication when login to Windows 10 with Azure AD Account?

I have a Windows10 PC which joined Azure AD during the first boot after OS installation(OOBE). I wish to use 2-Factor Authentication everytime I login to Windows10, but I could not find a way to achieve it.

I know that Azure AD and Intune can be configured to enforce 2FA when "joining" Azure AD, but it does not enforce it at a normal login.

I also enabled Multi Factor Authentication on Azure AD as described below, but it only applies to online services(Office365 etc.) and not Windows10 login.

I see that with Microsoft Account, 2FA can be enabled on the account setting page, but this setting is not available for Azure AD Account.

None of the above helps to achieve what I wish to do.
I appreciate if anyone can tell me if it is ever possible or not with some reference.

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Unfortunately,there isn't a way to achieve this except using Windows Hello for Business for now.

You can upvote this idea in this feedback forum and Azure Team will review it.

Hope this helps!

  • Thank you! I wish it will become as easy as Microsoft Account 2FA. I will try Windows Hello for Business then. Jun 14, 2018 at 6:21

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