I am seeing a strange outcome for the following expression(described below) when ran in 2 different applications.

In a angular js application, the result of the following expression is 1.2:

parseFloat(1.2).toFixed(2) => "1.2"

But the same expression returns 1.20 when ran inside a JSP/Javascript application:

parseFloat(1.2).toFixed(2) => "1.20"

Could anyone suggest what is the possible factor that might be influencing this different outcome Or, why is toFixed() behaving differently?

  • If that is the case it might be that angularjs is overriding the Number.prototype.toFixed method. I wouldn't expect angular to do so... you can check in the console, if you type Number.prototype.toFixed and you see [native code] then it is the native, if you see any implementation then it is overwritten – A. Llorente Jun 14 at 6:29
  • Thanks!! I checked in console and as you have pointed out, turns out that Angular is actually overriding the Number.prototype.toFixed. Is there a way to stop Angular from overriding the Number.prototype.toFixed implementation? – Wenger Jun 14 at 6:47
  • You would have to implement it yourself I guess... – A. Llorente Jun 14 at 6:50
  • How you get 1.2? It is always 1.20. – Petr Averyanov Jun 14 at 10:43

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