So i was using some python scripts for automating some stuff in google chrome. Since yesterday i experience a really strange bug. When i use the script to open Google Chrome via selenium, all Websites look like this: Screenshot

enter image description here

I blurred out the faces, they get displayed perfectly. But there is absolutely no text getting displayed, not even in console. This worked for weeks now and all of the sudden it looks like this.

Any Ideas how to fix it? I tried reinstalling Chrome and chromedriver, without success.

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    I just found out that the scripts still work if i execute them in the IDLE Shell. So the problem is most likely the terminal right? Jun 14 '18 at 11:40
  • Same problem here. I've also tried reinstalling literally everything (node, selenium, webdriver), but no luck either.
    – gkond
    Jun 14 '18 at 15:34
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    Changed system and chrome language to English solve the same problem.
    – kapa89
    Jun 15 '18 at 13:44
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    That worked for me too @kapa89, thank you!
    – wabisabit
    Jun 18 '18 at 13:05
  • Changing system language worked for me too. Thanks @kapa89!
    – gkond
    Jun 27 '18 at 12:57

Updating to Google Chrome Version 68.0.3440.25 (Build officiel) beta (64 bits) fixed my problem


Change your system language to English to solve this problem

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    Can you please add an explanation to why this would solve this issue. Single liners are not really very helpful in solving the questions. Jun 28 '18 at 8:00

have a look if the disable-gpu comand line flag for chrome helps you


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