My device (Lumia 950 XL) was updated 2 days ago and now it has next parameters: Version: 1709 OS build: 10.0.15254.489 After it, I can't deploy into the device from Visual Studio. All details about VS you find here. All the time I get: DEP0001: Unexpected Error: -2147023728.

I found a lot of possible options to do. I already did:

1) Check that IpOverUsbSvc is running

2) Install the latest update into Windows and VS

3) Check that developer mode is switched on screen is unlocked

4) WinAppDeployCmd.exe detects the phone correctly

I really don't want to reset it because it's my personal phone.

What can I do more?

UPD: Properties of a project: @BreezeLiu-MSFT. Here are properties of a project:

<TargetPlatformVersion Condition=" '$(TargetPlatformVersion)' == '' ">10.0.16299.0</TargetPlatformVersion> <TargetPlatformMinVersion>10.0.14393.0</TargetPlatformMinVersion>

Also, I should mention that everything works on another device:

Version: 1709 OS build: 10.0.15254.369

  • Could you tell me your uwp app target version and min version? What about restarting your device? Are you using Visual studio 2017 and what about a new blank uwp app? – Breeze Liu - MSFT Jun 15 '18 at 2:36
  • @BreezeLiu-MSFT added "UPD" – Mykyta Bondarenko Jun 15 '18 at 17:07

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