I have made an api for an android application and I want to serialize my Json response thanks to JMS Serializer.

I have a entity call "activity" linked by a ManyToOne relation with an other entity "specificity".

But when I call my api request /activities to return a list of all the activities in my database, I see my activity information but not the data for the object specificity.

Can you help me? I hope my screenshot will give you more details.

Have a nice day.

Screenshot about entity Specificity

Screenshot about entity Activity

Activity Serializer

Activity Controller - Method to get all the activity

Json response with empty specificity

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    Post code in the post itself, Don't attach images of code. Images are for referencing the output if any. – Parth Pandya Jun 16 '18 at 6:47

You have to create a 'Specificity' serialization file like the Activity with the same used group 'activity' to specify what exactly are the properties to be returned by the serializer when serializing your specificity object.


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