Can anyone help me about converting Kotlin code in Android Studio to Java?

I went through the below process:

Tools >> Kotlin>> Decompile Kotlin to Java

But the "Kotlin to Java" option is disabled. What should I do?

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Currently Tools >> Kotlin>> Decompile Kotlin to Java is enabled only for compiled Kotlin classes (.class, not .kt extension) located at app/build/tmp/kotlin-classes/ after a successful build.

A note to the @Uriel Frankel's workaround:

If Tools >> Kotlin >> Show Kotlin Bytecode >> Decompile button is disabled (or not shown) the Java Bytecode Decompiler plugin should be installed: Preferences >> Plugins >> search forJava Bytecode Decompiler` >> check the plugin & press OK.


Tools >> kotlin >> Show Kotlin bytecode >> Decompile

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    At least for me, there is no "Decompile" option in that view. Sep 22, 2018 at 22:55

Seems like a bug.

Tools -> Kotlin -> Decompile Kotlin to Java

Was actually disabled for me too even after a successful build (In my side Android Studio v3.2) so, I went through this:

Click on the Kotlin (Compiled class):

Selected Tools -> Kotlin -> Show Kotlin Bytecode

Then kotlin bytecode window appeared:

enter image description here

Made JVM 8 Target as selected and then decompile gave me the java class.

Note that this happened when Java Bytecode Decompiler plugin was enabled on the Android Studio.


This however might have some issues even after converting to java and perhaps, we should wait for the newest releases.


I followed Onik's answer above.

The Java Bytecode Decompiler was automatically bundled. I opened the .class file in Android Studio, and selected Tools >> Kotlin>> Decompile Kotlin to Java.

After waiting several minutes, Android Studio told me

The file is too large: 50.78 MB. Showing a read-only preview of the first 2.56 MB

and it opened a file MyKotlinClass.decompiled.java, most of which is unintelligible to me.

MyKotlinClass is approximately 300 lines long. At this point, manually re-writing the file as Java code is looking like the better option.

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