I just moved my project to Xcode 10 (actually I put the files in a newly created project).

Now, in my NSView subclass, Xcode telle me that :

public override func print(_ sender: Any?)

does not override anything. I guess the print() function has been renamed because it did conflict with the print() logging function. Which name sould I use ?

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    I receive the same error in Xcode 9 as well, are you sure that function existed before? Even the documentation doesn't show it. Jun 17 '18 at 15:46
  • Thank you. It has indeed to be print. I did not look at the documentation. I used google instead and I must have poorly design my search words. Thanks.
    – Adeline
    Jun 17 '18 at 15:52

Starting with Swift 4/Xcode 9, the NSView method

- (void)print:(id)sender;

is imported to Swift as

func printView(_ sender: Any?)

so that it no longer conflicts with the global print() function. This change is documented in the AppKit Release Notes for macOS 10.13:

print() methods in Swift

NSWindow, NSView, NSDocument’s print() instance methods have been renamed to printWindow(), printView(), and printDocument() respectively in Swift 4. This fixes the unexpected experience where adding debug logging to a subclass of one of these instances shows a print panel instead.

(Found with the help of @hamishknight at How does Swift translate -[NSView print] to printView()? in the Swift forum.)

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