I have installed RockMongo http://code.google.com/p/rock-php/ to manage my mongoDB database. This is installed in a subdirectory of my site http://mongo.example.com. The default config settings are as follows:

"host" => "", // Replace your MongoDB host ip or domain name here
"port" => "27017", // MongoDB connection port
"username" => null, // MongoDB connection username
"password" => null, // MongoDB connection password

I'm not really sure what I should be changing these to? On log in all I get is:

MongoDB connection exception: connecting to mongodb:// failed: Operation now in progress. Please check your configuration.


This is what I see from the wiki

Login with admin username and password, which is set "admin" and "admin" as default

  • Yep I'm trying to login with user/password admin:admin, which is definately correct and set elsewhere in the config file. The section I've highlighted above I believe is the mongodb username and password - which I don't think exist unless they have been set explicitly (which I haven't done) - so I think those two fields are correct. – user623520 Feb 23 '11 at 11:38

I got it working:

  1. Reinstalled mongodb properly
  2. Cleared browser cache
  3. Restarted server
  4. Set host to 'localhost'

Try to set below configuration in config.php file

$MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_auth"] = false;

$MONGO["servers"][$i]["control_auth"] = false;

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