In my django site I want to offer several themes for our best clients and for the boss. So I quickly created the following. - I am glad i got along to present it but there are a few dirty hacks I want to eliminate with nice solutions I ask you for.

Here's my hack

base.html says (take care - ugly!)

{% ifequal theme "0" %}
    {% include "base_d0.html" %}
{% endifequal %}

{% ifequal theme "1" %}
    {% include "base_d1.html" %}
{% endifequal %}

{% ifequal theme "2" %}
    {% include "base_d2.html" %}
{% endifequal %}

Then i kept in MEDIA dir the subdirs for all common css and js

and created subdirs

  d0/     ( all theme 0 stuff )
  d1/     ( all theme 1 stuff )
    (all common css)
    (all common js)

My controller has a method to switch design, current one is stored in a cookie. It is checked on every request and in template a PREFIX_STATIC context variable accordingly to /mypathto/static/d0 resp. +d1 +d2 and of course i had to invent a COMMON_STATIC var. And the theme var is set too for the base.html switch.

Of course i googled even before starting but found it hard to find good search terms (as i expect there are many good resources )

  • i admit i havent checked if the blocks are filled, it does not work that way it seems. My question would be : How just make django choose between several base.html Commented Feb 23, 2011 at 12:27

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from loader_tags.py Include_Node do_extends doc:

This tag may be used in two ways: ``{% extends "base" %}`` (with quotes)
uses the literal value "base" as the name of the parent template to extend,
or ``{% extends variable %}`` uses the value of ``variable`` as either the
name of the parent template to extend (if it evaluates to a string) or as
the parent tempate itelf (if it evaluates to a Template object).

So i changed my templates to do

{% extends base %} 

instead of

{% extends "base.html" %}

and set context var "base" as theme + "/base.html" in my main controller before i call get_template

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