I added the Google Mobile Ads plugin to a Unity project as instructed in Google's videos and when I go to build in Xcode I get a bunch of Link errors. I tried adding frameworks to my project as mentioned in some other posts. Here's a screenshot of all the frameworks I currently have in the project. enter image description here

I also made sure that C and Objective-C modules were turned to Yes in Xcode. When I build I'm still get 58 Apple Mach-O Linker Errors, some of which are shown below. enter image description here

Does anyone know why I might be getting these errors? It's become a multi-day project just to get banner ads set up in my project and I would appreciate the help. The project was build through Unity, which contains the Google plugin. I ran the I'm using the .xcworkspace as instructed.


Step - 1: You should add MobileCoreServices.framework and GLKit.framework Now Try to Build, if failed follow next step

Step - 2: Disable C and Objective-C modules Now Try to Build, if failed follow next step

Step - 3: Add GoogleMobileAds.framework in unity/Assets/Plugin/iOS/ Follow Step - 1 Now Try to Build

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