I am looking at CMIS connectivity from one of our internal applications. I know that CMIS is part of (or will be) part of SharePoint, is there a workable C# API (the OpenAPI C# project seems to be in its initial stages)?



You are probably talking about Sharepoint 2010 and the difficulties around "CMIS and SharePoint 2010 details are hard to find".

Microsoft provided a CMIS connector with its Sharepoint 2010 Administrative Toolkit (Download).

The CMIS connector for SharePoint Server 2010 includes two features:

  • The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Consumer Web Part, which can be added to any SharePoint page. This Web Part displays and lets users interact with the contents of any CMIS repository.
  • The Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Producer, which allows applications to interact with SharePoint lists and document libraries programmatically by means of the interfaces defined in the CMIS standard.

Please note that you will need Sharepoint Server 2010 - SharePoint Foundation is not enough.


Yes, there is a C# implementation of the CMIS API, client-side.
It is DotCMIS.
Open spource and works great.

Be aware that only a few versions of SharePoint offer CMIS compatibility.
Also, among a number of CMIS implementations, SharePoint has the worse:

CMIS SharePoint

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