I recently started doing react native and don't understand as how to debug so as to get my results in console . Here is the result I get in console .

Organizations is [object Object]

How do i get all the content of organizations . I did this in my code for console .

console.log('Organizations is '+organizations);

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You can stringify it.


if you want some formatting

console.log(JSON.stringify(organizations, null, 2));
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    This should definitely be the accepted answer; the pretty-printing (second code block) is exactly what I was looking for when having the same issue. +1 Jan 13, 2019 at 14:41

Here are all methods to print an object without going mad. Print object in JavaScript

console.log('Organisations is : ' + JSON.stringify(organisations));
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In ES6 syntaxe you can do something like this :

console.log(`Organisations is : ${JSON.stringify(organisations)}`);


Most consoles look at the argument they're passed and show an intelligent rendering of it, so you may want to provide organizations directly rather than concatenating it with a string (which will invoke the object's default toString behavior, which is "[object Object]" if you haven't done something special). Most also support multiple arguments, so you can do

console.log("Organizations is", organizations);

...to see both your label and the intelligent rendering.

See also this question's answers about console rendering, though.

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  • This is by far the best answer. It's simple to implement and actually auto formats the data and presents it in a logical, sensical way that clearly demonstrates the structure of the data. Mar 11, 2022 at 10:26

If you try to log with a string the console tries to convert your object to a string definition automatically.

So either you log the string separately:

console.log('Organizations is');

Or you need to convert your object to a readable format first e.g. JSON:


let organizations = {name: 'McD'}

console.log(organizations)//Without type coercion
console.log('organizations is '+organizations);//Forcefully to convert object to become a string

The problem with console.log('Organizations is '+organizations); is due to type coercion. You are combining/concatenating a string ('Organizations is ') with an object(organizations) which forcing to convert an object into a string.


use below code to print object in react-native

<View> {(()=>{ console.log(object) })()} </View>

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