I am trying to use pct_change on the result of a groupby in order to calculate the period to period change in value across many different items.

My data is structured like this:

import numpy as np
arrays = [np.array([1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4]),np.array(['bar', 'bar', 'bar', 'bar', 'foo', 'foo', 'foo', 'foo'])]
s = pd.Series(np.array([100,101,102,103,200,201,202,203]), index=arrays)
df = pd.DataFrame(s, index=arrays).sort_index()
df.index.names =['day','symbol']

I need to calculate the percent change of each symbol for each day. When I run something like this:


I get the correct output. But when I run this:


it returns the wrong result (compares bar to foo)

I can get what I'm looking for either by wrapping in a lambda like this:

my_func = lambda x: x.pct_change()

or by doing this:

df.groupby(level='symbol').values.diff() / df.groupby(level='symbol').values.shift(1)

so I'm really just trying to understand the reason for the difference in behavior of pct_change vs. other pandas methods.

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    This is interesting. Wonder if this is a bug. – Scott Boston Jun 18 '18 at 18:30
  • @ScottBoston, it looks like a bug to me... – MaxU Jun 18 '18 at 19:02

It looks like we have to use .apply() in order to use it with the multi-index DF:

In [61]: df.groupby(level='symbol')['values'].apply(lambda x: x.pct_change())
day  symbol
1    bar            NaN
     foo            NaN
2    bar       0.010000
     foo       0.005000
3    bar       0.009901
     foo       0.004975
4    bar       0.009804
     foo       0.004950
Name: values, dtype: float64

PS this looks like a bug to me - IMO it won't work properly when grouping by one of multi-index level:

In [101]: g = df.groupby(level='symbol')

In [102]: g.values.pct_change??
Signature: g.values.pct_change(periods=1, fill_method='pad', limit=None, freq=None)
    def pct_change(self, periods=1, fill_method='pad', limit=None, freq=None):
        """Calculate percent change of each value to previous entry in group"""
        filled = getattr(self, fill_method)(limit=limit)
        shifted = filled.shift(periods=periods, freq=freq)

        return (filled / shifted) - 1
File:      c:\users\max\anaconda3_5.0\envs\py36\lib\site-packages\pandas\core\groupby\groupby.py
Type:      method

reproducing the code:

In [103]: filled = g['values'].pad(limit=None)

In [104]: shifted = filled.shift(periods=1, freq=None)

In [105]: (filled / shifted) - 1
day  symbol
1    bar            NaN
     foo       1.000000
2    bar      -0.495000
     foo       0.990099
3    bar      -0.492537
     foo       0.980392
4    bar      -0.490099
     foo       0.970874
Name: values, dtype: float64

I'd recommend to check whether such issue already exist on Pandas-Issues and open a new one if it doesn't exist yet...

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