I am trying to change the interval that appears in the snmp interface data graphs in opennms from 5 mins to 30 second. I have ajusted the poller-configuration, datacollection configuration and the collectd configuration but it still only shows 5 mins in the graph

What am i missing


The missing piece is to adjust the step value on the <rrd> element at the top of datacollection-config.xml to 30 (this one is in whole seconds rather than milliseconds). After doing this, and with OpenNMS stopped, you must delete all the existing RRD / JRB files in your OPENNMS_HOME/share/rrd/snmp directory. They will be recreated on the next collection cycle following startup and start filling with 30-second samples.

Your changes to poller-configuration.xml will have no effect on data collection, so you might as well roll them back. The data produced by the poller is strictly about response time.

Note that if you're using Newts to store time-series data in a Cassandra cluster, the required changes differ. I assume you're not since you didn't specify and RRDTool / JRobin is the default.

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