I'm learning the basics of XPath and I can't seem to take this list properly in my Google Sheet document:

The List

To import the data in my Google Sheet, I'm using the function:


With this I can successfully import the whole page, but it's too much data. All I care is the list above.

Is there a way to understand what's the correct query_xpath?

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    Is it MS Excel or Google Sheet? – Shiplu Mokaddim Jun 19 at 9:48
  • it's google sheet – Gio0sol Jun 19 at 9:49
  • edit 06/19/18 added google sheet instead of excel – Gio0sol Jun 19 at 10:09
  • IMPORTXML doesn't support XPath. as per doc. Did you check it ? – Shiplu Mokaddim Jun 19 at 22:20

The documentation of google sheet says,

query - Either "list" or "table" depending on what type of structure contains the desired data.

For your case it should be table. And I can see its 3rd table in the uri. Hence following should work

=IMPORTHTML("https://www.agronomiforestali-rer.it/ordine-di-ravenna/albo-%20iscritti/", "table", 3)

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