Reading that, I know how to programmatically get the app version, as written in codename1.version parameter.

Usually, for the version number I use the multiple-points notation number.number.number (e.g.: 1.0.1). But when I put the version in that notation, the Send iOS Debug build returns the following error:

Can't assign value '1.0.1' to attribute version, reason: class java.lang.NumberFormatException with message 'multiple points'

So, the codename1.version parameter is casted as number (float?). Why?

How can I set the multiple-points notation for codename1.version? Is it possible?


You can't. Versions in Codename One are always serial with 2 points after the primary digit.

Both iOS and Android support 3 number notation but they do so differently (as does microsoft) so it's hard to support such a numbering system consistently. Having said that if you REALLY want to go into that (which we strongly discourage) you can look at some of the build hints that provide direct access to numbering/version of the native OS.

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