I'm using Symfony 3.4 and I have a weird thing todo, I will try to explain clearly.

I have an Entity Website and a WebsiteFormType, in this WebsiteFormType I have a Listener like : (in the first line of buildForm() in formType)

$builder->addEventSubscriber(new WebsiteListener();

In this listener, I need to check when a specific value is updated when the form is submited, and if this value is updated, I need to duplicate my object, for example when I update my Website and I change the url from http://xxx.xx to http://yyyy.yy I duplicate my first website to create the second instead of just update the field url.

In this Listener I use preSubmit and postSubmit.

My problem is, when I change the url I need to change the object Website linked to the form.

If http://xxx.xx is WebsiteA and http://yyyy.yy is WebsiteB, When I submit WebsiteA and I change the url, I need to change the Website object linked to the form from WebsiteA to WebsiteB....

This is for if I revalidate the form after that, it's WebsiteB which is validated and not WebsiteA.

Don't know if you understand my problem :) Thanks !


Try to use Doctrine EventSubscriber like:

class OrderListener implements EventSubscriber {

protected $statusChanges = false;

public function getSubscribedEvents()
    return array(

public function preUpdate(PreUpdateEventArgs $args)
    $changeSet = $args->getEntityChangeSet();
    foreach ($changeSet as $key => $arr) {

        if ($key === 'status' && (int)$arr[0] !== (int)$arr[1]) {
            $this->statusChanges = true;

public function postUpdate(LifecycleEventArgs $args)
    $entity = $args->getObject();

    if ($entity instanceof Order && $this->statusChanges) {
        $repo = $args->getObjectManager()->getRepository(Action::class);
        $action = new Action();
            ->setTimeAt(new \DateTime())

        $repo->persistAndFlush($action); // custom method, you can use $args->getObjectManager()->persist($action) and $args->getObjectManager()->flush($action)

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