I am trying to format number in below json string in Mulesoft.

  "Data": [
      "Date": "10/12/2012",
      "AccountNumber": 123456,
      "Amount": 1424511.76
      "Date": "10/12/2012",
      "AccountNumber": 123456,
      "Amount": 80123.86

My data view:

 %dw 1.0
%output application/csv header=false

(payload.Data map ((payload01 , indexOfpayload01) -> {
"Trade Date" : payload01.Date, 
"Account": payload01.AccountNumber,
"Amount": payload01.Amount as :string { format: "#,###.00##"} 


I want to create CSV file with this code. But it is adding "\" with commas after formatting numbers. For first Amount I am getting


I am expecting formatted number as


I am not able to understand why it is adding "\" character with comma. Please help me out!


It is escaping the commas because you are using a CSV(Comma Separated Value) so it will break downstream probably otherwise.

Depending on who needs to read this CSV file, you could possibly quote the values instead:

 %output application/csv quoteValues=true


%output application/csv quoteValues=true ,escape =" " 

or maybe change the CSV to pipe delimited or some other separator:

%output application/csv separator="|"
  • Thank you Ryan. It is working as expected. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work! – Nitesh Jun 19 '18 at 16:00

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