I want to make sure a float in PHP is rounded up if any decimal is present, without worrying about mathematical rounding rules. This function would work as follows:

1.1 to 2
1.2 to 2
1.9 to 2
2.3 to 3
2.8 to 3

I know the round() function exists but I don't see any function for rounding up if any decimal is found. Is there any easy way to do this?

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Use the ceil function:

$number = ceil(1.1); //2
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    Sometimes ceil (or floor) is not the right answer for rounding. You can easily get a calculation result that will behave unexpectedly: ceil((0.1 + 0.2) * 10) produces 4!
    – Walf
    Sep 5, 2017 at 3:56

I know this is an old topic, however it appears in Google. I will extend Blake Plumb's answer regarding precision.

ceil(1024.321 * 100) / 100;

Multiplying by 100 and dividing by 100 only works with one-hundredths. This isn't accurate on tenths, one-thousandths, one-hundred thousandths, etc.

function round_up($number, $precision = 2)
    $fig = pow(10, $precision);
    return (ceil($number * $fig) / $fig);


var_dump(round_up(1024.654321, 0)); // Output: float(1025)
var_dump(round_up(1024.654321, 1)); // Output: float(1024.7)
var_dump(round_up(1024.654321, 2)); // Output: float(1024.66)
var_dump(round_up(1024.654321, 3)); // Output: float(1024.655)
var_dump(round_up(1024.654321, 4)); // Output: float(1024.6544)
var_dump(round_up(1024.654321, 5)); // Output: float(1024.65433)
var_dump(round_up(1024.654321, 6)); // Output: float(1024.654321)


Thanks for the contributions from Joseph McDermott and brandom for improving my original snippet.

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The official Ceil function will do that for you.

Taken from the example:

echo ceil(4.3);    // 5
echo ceil(9.999);  // 10
echo ceil(-3.14);  // -3

I know this question has long since been answered, but it came up when I did a google search on the topic. If you want to round up with precision, then a good method would be to use the ceil function and times the number by how many decimal points you want to represent and then divide by that number.


would produce 1024.33

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    So simple yet so helpful. Quite surprising round() can't handle this scenario. Jan 16, 2013 at 11:53

I like Ash's response, although I would have:

$fig = (int) str_pad('1', $precision + 1, '0');

Makes sense that if I provide precision '2', I would expect it rounded to 2 decimal places. Matter of choice though I suppose. Thanks for the answer Ash, works well.

  • You're right, I totally missed this. I'll update the answer.
    – Ash
    Jul 8, 2015 at 9:58

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