Currently I'm getting data in the format below:

       0: {abc:1},
       1: {efg:2},
       2: {hij:3}

I need it in below format:

      {name:'abc', value:1},
      {name:'efg', value:2},
      {name:'hij', value:3}]
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    so start looping and convert it.… – epascarello Jun 19 at 21:19
  • This question is lacking content and understanding. It needs to be clarified before it can be answered. Think more in terms of WHAT you want to do, not what should come out of it. Do you want to access the values in the objects but you don't know the keys? – Robert Mennell Jun 19 at 21:21
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    Also another question: What happens if you have more than one key and value per object? – Robert Mennell Jun 19 at 21:34
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Assuming an arr has a following structure, it's only a matter of mapping through it and separating key and value:

var arr = [ 

var result = => {
    var k = Object.keys(o)[0];
    return {
        name: k,
        value: o[k]

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    Thanks @Leonid Prila......superb code. – user5553165 Jun 27 at 16:34
var arr = [  {abc:1}, {efg:2},{hij:3}],
var arr1=[];

      _.forEach(arr, function (val, key) {
        _.forIn(val, function (val, key) {
          arr1.push({ name: key, value: val });

    });**Implemented using loadash**

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