I am creating a JS test on my react-native project. I'm specifically using firebase for react native, in which I would like to replace firebase instance with a mockfirebase instance if JS is running the code of my class.

For example I have class setup like below.

import firebase from 'react-native-firebase';
class Database() {
    /// use the firebase instance

I'd like to have a check if jest is the running environment then I'd replace the import line with appropriate mock class.


jest sets an environment variable called JEST_WORKER_ID so you check if this is set:

function areWeTestingWithJest() {
    return process.env.JEST_WORKER_ID !== undefined;

I also see that if NODE_ENV is not set the jest CLI sets it to the value 'test'. This might be another way to check.

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    JEST_WORKER_ID wasn't set for me, but NODE_ENV was. – AlexQueue Jul 25 '19 at 21:59

I usually have NODE_ENV=development set globally on my shell. This works for me:

typeof jest !== 'undefined'

(note that global.jest and 'jest' in global don't work, as this doesn't seem to be a global variable, just a value made available on all modules much like node's require or __filename)

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