I have a ObservableCollection<IDictionary<string, object>> as ItemSource for a ListView. Inside I use a custom ViewCell that has, let's say, an Entry inside.

Now of course the BindingContext for it is an ExpandoObject and I can bind the value stored for the key Name to the Entry.Text in XAML by writing:

<Entry Text="{Binding [Name]}" />

Works fine so far, but what I want to do is to get the key (Name in this case) from a property inside the custom ViewCell (This may sound weird but in fact this is a sub-view of the actual custom ViewCell and the ViewCellitself actually represents a row in a table).

So what I tried to do is:

<Entry Text="{Binding [{Binding Key, Source={x:Reference cell}}]}" />

To be sure it's not a problem about the "inner" Binding, i also tried:

<Entry Text="{Binding Key, Source={x:Reference cell}}" />

This (as expected) lets Entry.Text be Name.

Now obviously what I want to achive is to use a Binding inside the Binding path. As the code above doesn't work (Entry.Text is null), I wonder if this is possible and, if yes, how?


Binding on binding won't work. Do your binding on the key with a converter.

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