Whenever I create a directory in Sublime Text 3 I just either:

  1. Open the directory tree in the sidebar, create the directory one folder at a time...
  2. Or do the same thing in the Finder window.
  3. Or (rarely) open up the terminal and do mkdir -p <path>.

Wondering if there is a plugin or a way or something to just do:

⌘p my/long/directory/name enter

Or the same thing for files

⌘p my/long/file/name.txt enter

And it creates it super fast if it doesn't exist. That would streamline the workflow quite a bit.

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The FileManager plugin sounds like it might be of use to you. Among the features it provides, it's fm_create command allows you to create files or folders, including automatically creating any path elements that don't exist.

The command is bound to Alt+N by default (across all platforms) and is also available in the command palette as File Manager: New File. Despite the name of the command, it creates both files and folders and uses the last character to determine which you meant to create:

FileManager doesn't have a command create_new_file and create_new_folder. Just fm_create. It opens up an input, and the last character you type in is a / (or a ), it creates a folder instead of a file.

In addition the input supports auto-completion of paths and it's fairly customizable as well. For example, I added this command to a Defaults.sublime-commands in my User package to implement a command that allows me to easily create a file at the same path as the current file:

    "caption": "File Manager: New File Relative to Current View",
    "command": "fm_create",
    "args": { "initial_text": "$here/" }

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