I have been working with a dataset which requires me to split certain selected rows and convert them into columns. The spread function which I normally use for these kind of things didn't exactly work the way I wanted. This is closest reproducible example that I have got:

> df
  person salary
1   Matt    100
2    Tom    200
3  Shane    500
4  Shane    400

Suppose this is the Data Frame that I have got, how do I split the rows where person == Shane into a seperate column? This is what I have been trying to achieve:

  person salary  Shane
1   Matt    100  500
2   Tom     200  400

How do I go about doing this. Thanks a lot in advance.

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I am unsure why you would want to do this, but using dplyr:

> df2
  person salary Shane
1   Matt    100   500
2    Tom    200   400
  • Hi @august I'm looking for something similar and this is the best answer I have found. Thanks. How would execute some thing similar if you had unequal lengths e.g. you have 17 rows but one 5 values to fill column 'Shane' above?
    – AudileF
    May 22, 2020 at 7:18

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