I am trying to call leadConvert function via jsforce lib and not able to setup the soapAPI correctly.

import { SoapApi } from "jsforce";
const soapApi = await new SoapApi(conn);
conn.soap.convertLead //has no exported member 'SoapApi'.

changed to

conn.soap.convertLead(leadConverts, function(err, res) {}

Property 'soap' does not exist on type 'Connection'.

I do see soap.js but it can't call to covertLead function. I am running jsforce 1.8 version. Any idea?


I was able to get this work in a pretty straightforward manner on both 1.7.1 and 1.8.3 (latest):

import jsforce from 'jsforce';

const conn = new jsforce.Connection({loginUrl});
// do login...
// call `convertLead` on conn.soap...
const result = await conn.soap.convertLead(leadConverts);

Hope it helps!

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