I'm using Python 3.6 through Spyder in Anaconda3. I have both the Anaconda installation and a "clean" python installation.

Before I installed the "clean" python, when I ran the Python -V command in cmd I got the following version description Python 3.6.5 :: Anaconda, Inc. Now when I run the command it just says Python 3.6.5. and the pip list is a whole lot shorter.

When ever I open Spyder and find some package that I don't have... how would I go about installing said package? If I just open cmd and write pip install ... it will install in the "clean" python directory. How do I tell it to connect to Spyder?

  • You know that spyder is just a module just as others and can be installed in the "clean" version as well using for instance: py -3.6 -m pip install spyder in the cmd? I'm not using anaconda, but if I recall correctly, to install modules in the anaconda environment, you need to use the conda console and the conda commands. – Mathieu Jun 21 '18 at 8:17

As you can see in this post there is some difference between pip and conda.

Using Anaconda environment you should use the conda command to install you library, package, etc..


I know it's a very late answer, but it may help other people. When you are working with anaconda you can use the basic environement or create a new one (it may be what's you call a "clean" python installation). To do that just do the following :

  • Open you anaconda navigator
  • Go to "Environments"
  • Click on the button create. Here by the way you can choose you python version

Then to install your lib you can use your Anaconda GUI :

  • Double click on you environment
  • On the right side you have all you installed lib. In the list box select "Not installed"
  • Look for your lib, check it and click on "apply" on the bottom right

You can also do it in your windows console (cmd), I prefer this way (more trust and you can see what's going on) :

  • Open you console
  • conda activate yourEnvName
  • conda install -n yourEnvName yourLib
  • Only if your conda install did not find your lib do pip install yourLib
  • At the end conda deactivate

/!\ If you are using this way, close your Anaconda GUI while you are doing this

If you want you can find your environement(s) in (on Windows) C:\Users\XxUserNamexX\AppData\Local\Continuum\anaconda3\envs. Each folder will contains the library for the named environement.

Hope it will be helpfull

PS : Note that it is important to launch spyder through the Anaconda GUI if you want Spyder to find your lib


There is a pip.exe included in the anaconda/Spyder package which can cleanly add mopdules to Spyder. It's not installed in the windows path by default, probably so it' won't interfere with the "normal" pip in my "normal" python package.

Check "/c/Users/myname/Anaconda3/Scripts/pip.exe". It seems to depend on local DLLs - it did not work (just hung) until I cd'd into it's directory. Once there I used it to install pymongo in the usual way, and the the pymongo package was picked up by Spyder.

Hope that helps...

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