I've got a project that passes JSON between the frontend and the backend. So, the frontend PHP would generate the statement { "command" : "getuser", "parameters" : { "userid" : 1 } } and send it to the backend. The backend then executes

if ($command == 'getuser') {
  if ($this->valid) { <<get the user>> }

Validate checks the variable and sets $this->valid. It creates an error message if necessary. I want to create an error message in case the front end passes in { "command" : "getuser", "parameters" : "" }. In this case, $parameters['userid'] is never set, and validate() will complain that it was passed an unset variable.

I've come up with two solutions. The first solution is to set $parameters['userid'] = "unset" before loading in the JSON, and then check for it in the validator. The other solution is to use

if (isset($parameters['userid'])) { 
else { 
  echo("Error"); } 

It'd be nice if validate() could figure out on its own whether or not the variable is there. Is there a more elegant way I should be doing things?

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    How does this magic validate() function work? What's it supposed to be doing? – ircmaxell Feb 23 '11 at 20:08
  • It's making sure that the form input was correct before it executes the rest of the function. So in this case, it's making sure that no non-alphanumeric characters were entered, that the string isn't blank, and that the string was of a certain length. – ajp5103 Feb 23 '11 at 20:11

In short, no. The error happens as, rather than after, validate() is called so there is no way for it to intercept that.

It sounds like a better solution would be to have a validateUser() function that is passed in the whole $parameters variable then does the check you're looking for against the 'user_id'. This allows you to to further separate your concerns (validation, versus response).

  • Seems like passing the whole array is the way to go. I was trying to avoid that step of a nested if(), but it seems to be inevitable. – ajp5103 Feb 23 '11 at 20:37

If you want this style of code, you could pass arg to function by reference
If not, try to use this validate($parameters, 'userid');


You would have to pass $parameters into validate and let it check if userid was there and if not create the error message.

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