I installed aws-sdk using the below command

npm install --save aws-sdk

and i get an error

TypeError AWS.KinesisVideo is not a constructor

for the below code

var kinesisvideo = new AWS.KinesisVideo();

AWS.IAM is not a constructor JavaScript SDK post mentioned the error could be because the KinesisVideo module isn't present.

My question is how do i install all modules of aws-sdk via npm.



There are 2 main methods of downloading the full AWS SDK for browsers (load it in using a <script> tag) and Node.js backends.

  1. Download a custom SDK from the AWS website

    You can choose which modules and services to download in the online SDK builder at https://sdk.amazonaws.com/builder/js/

    Click Select All Services and click Build to download everything.

  2. Use the CLI to build the SDK

    Clone the official AWS SDK GitHub repository.

    <!-- language: lang-none -->
    git clone git://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-js
    cd aws-sdk-js

    After you clone the repository, download the dependency modules for both the SDK and build tool via the following command:

    npm install

    You can now build a packaged version of the SDK from the command line interface.

    Execute the following command to build the SDK with all services and API versions included:

    node dist-tools/browser-builder.js all > aws-sdk-full.js

    If you want a minified bundle, set the MINIFY environment variable.

    MINIFY=1 node dist-tools/browser-builder.js > aws-sdk-full.js

    *You must have Git and npm installed for this to work.

Extra resources:

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    That's the same approach i suggested ;) – yeshashah Jun 25 '18 at 16:26

No. There is no way to install all modules together using npm.

But, You can use the SDK-builder tool from aws-sdk-js repo to create a minified bundle of ALL the AWS Services and include that bundle using <script> tag.

The command to generate a bundle of ALL the services:

node dist-tools/browser-builder.js all > aws-sdk-full.js

Check out this link for full-steps.

Hope this helps.

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