I have a jar file that supplies some classes in my development environment. When I'm debugging in Eclipse, when I first step into a class supplied by that jar, Eclipse prompts me to give the location of the associated source files. I do so, and everything's fine.

Some time later, I replace the jar with a newer version. How can I instruct Eclipse to look in a different place for the newer source?


In the Project Explorer (or Navigator), find the JAR (should be listed under "library path"), right-click, properties, there you can delete the association to a source, and/or provide a new association.

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Note: you must go to the properties for an individual JAR. You cannot get the equivalent dialog if you click on "JRE System Library"

  • source jar file is not listed in library path – Amresh Sep 2 '13 at 14:33

Right click on the Debugger panel, select Edit Source Lookup

Right click on the Debugger panel, select Edit Source Lookup


In the package explorer, where the jar is in a library (JRE, Maven dependencies, etc...); right click => properties => java source attachement.

Alternately in the project properties => Java build path => Library tab => select the jar => edit.

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