My project structure is as follows:


documentC ...

I would like to access the documents only at this level at this time. I understand that rules must point to a document or can use a wildcard to point to any document in a collection, but I cannot get it to work in Android (Permission Denied).

My current rule is this:

service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
        allow read, write;

I've tested successful access in Android by receiving the data from project/document but I would like to go deeper into the hierarchy.


It's not possible

So, after a lot of searching, the short answer is I, nor anyone else, can do this (yet).

The hierarchy must be flattened to only contain top-level collections and documents within each of those - no deeper.

This is fine for what I'm doing. Thankfully I haven't populated a database as yet.

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