I recently switched to a new computer, and am having difficulty with a prettier setting. (I think it's prettier, could be eslint).

This gif illustrates what's happening: http://g.recordit.co/H871hfT9Sv.gif

Anyone know what this setting is called? I would prefer all imports to be on a single line unless the length extends the printWidth setting.

Here are my relevant User Settings from VS Code:

  "prettier.printWidth": 100,
  "prettier.semi": false,
  "prettier.singleQuote": true,
  "prettier.trailingComma": "all"

Thanks !

Edit: Visual depiction so you don't need to watch the gif.


import React from 'react'
import { Dimensions, StyleSheet, View } from 'react-native'
import LinearGradient from 'react-native-linear-gradient'
import { isIphoneX } from 'react-native-iphone-x-helper'

Behavior: (unwanted)

import React from 'react'
import {
} from 'react-native'
import LinearGradient from 'react-native-linear-gradient'
import {
} from 'react-native-iphone-x-helper'

For those trying to quickly change Prettier settings for VS Code. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to FILE -> PREFERENCES -> SETTINGS. (VS Code Menus)
  2. Settings window should open. Above (Top) there is a search. Type "Prettier"
  3. You should see the available Prettier settings. You can modify them :)
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    Exactly what i was looking for, thank you! – Stark Nov 28 '18 at 7:35
  • For me, the Prettier doesn't appear in the list there but my code is still formated by it ... you have any idea why I cannot see it in the list? – P.Lorand Aug 25 at 6:33

In recent udpdates, VS Code no longer supports editing prettier configurations using the standard vs code settings tab.

The new way to configure prettier settings:

  1. at the root of your project folder, create a new config file (".prettierrc.json")
  2. in that new file, add json custom settings: my go-to settings for JS are as follows:
    "trailingComma": "none",
    "tabWidth": 4,
    "semi": true,
    "singleQuote": true

This question have two answers, both are very good and only one is what people want. But there is a way of merging both answers into a better solution.

Eslint shows the "errors" for you and prettier formats code for you.

You can set a Prettier config that is called Eslint Integration.

enter image description here

This way prettier will format following the rules of Eslint and Prettier rules, but giving priority to Eslint.

This way you only need one file (eslint config file) to config both Eslint and Prettier.


Plugins like Prettier and Beautify doesn't provide you with very much control over the styling. They are good to make code consistent in an easy way :)

I prefer eslint plugin instead.
Then you can define your own eslint.json rules.

(or do as everybody else and use airbnb's linting rules).

Then you can use settings like "eslint.autoFixOnSave": true. Then your code will format accordingly to your rules on save :)

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