I'm using Symfony Encore for configuring a webpack for my project. So far I have enabled vue-loader without any problems, but I'm stuck when it comes to passing options to vue-loader, as the documentation is not clear enough for me, to pass or configure any options there.

I'm wondering if someone has tried to do that and if, how it's done properly.

So far I've got only the vue-loader enabled.

const Encore = require('@symfony/webpack-encore');
const { VueLoaderPlugin } = require('vue-loader');

  // ...
  .enableVueLoader(function (options) {
    // I need to do something here to enable babel for ES5 target
  .addPlugin(new VueLoaderPlugin()) // because of no support for version 15 yet
  .addEntry('vue/app', './assets/vue/app.js') 

First, you, probably, should not use vue-loader@15.0+ as Encore doesn't support it yet (and therefore, you also should not add addPlugin(new VueLoaderPlugin()) line to Encore config).

Second, you can configure Babel either by:

  1. Leaving it as-is. Encore has pretty sensible defaults for Babel (which is autoconfigured if you enable vue-loader): env preset is used with target at >1% browsers coverage.

  2. Adding .babelrc configuration file to project folder.

        presets: ['env']
  3. Using Babel-specific configuration callback, provided by Encore:

    .configureBabel(function(config) {
  4. By options callback for vue-plugin configuration (less preferable, as it would conflict with internal configuration for Babel, performed by Encore itself. Still could be useful, if you want independent config for vue files):

    .enableVueLoader(function(options) {
      options.loaders = {
        js: { loader: 'babel-loader', options: { presets: ['env'] } }
  • Thank you very much. I do appreciate the recommendations, but what would be better if we use v14 without the addPlugin? it seems to work just fine now. – Dawid Zbiński Jun 25 '18 at 13:49
  • v15 has been changed dramatically over v14. ExtractTextPlugin that is used by Encore for styles extraction doesn't work with v15 that well, thus some problems with single file components with embedded styles (afaik, i may be wrong on this). May be not important, good if it works for you =) – ankhzet Jun 25 '18 at 18:17
  • Great! Thanks for the info.. and once again for the answer! – Dawid Zbiński Jun 25 '18 at 18:54

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