I'm working on a bot that will search the moderation log on reddit for removal actions, but am coming up short on documentation for the subreddit().mod.log() method.

As of right now, all I can retrieve from it is the moderator performing the action and the subreddit the action was in, neither of which are helpful for this project. I need to access the post ID as well as the author of the post for this project.

Right now, this is what I figured would work:

for i in r.subreddit(subbie).mod.log(action='removelink'):
    print i.author

however, I simply get the error: AttributeError: 'ModAction' object has no attribute 'author'

The documentation has not been very helpful in this case, either.


run vars(item) to see available attributes of a ModAction object. The desired attribute in this case is: target_author. Hope it helps you and/or anyone else who might see this.

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