Does anyone know how to customise the template for a Qt Widgets Application?

The examples I have found deal with "Non-Qt Projects" specifically the "Plain C++ Application"

I would like to create a custom template that includes more files than the default Qt Widgets Application and more #includes and class members.

I can see the files in .../share/qtcreator/templates/qt4project and add things to the files already there, e.g. main.cpp but need to add more files there and I dont know where the wizard.json file is to edit.

Is this a built in thing to qtcreator?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Indeed, looks like the "Qt Widgets Application" wizard uses hard-coded QWizard pages, not JSON/XML definitions like the simpler ones.


guiappwizard[dialog].* I think is the one in question, with the base wizard pages/etc from qtwizard.*.

So I guess you'd either need to modify the QtC source code, or re-create the app wizard from scratch using your own wizard.json. Or perhaps write your own QWizard-based app. But it may be worth examining the QtC /wizards code in any case.

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